Budget Friendly Nursery Design

When we found out that we were going to have a baby, my husband made me promise that I wouldn't find out the gender. Despite the overwhelming urge to ask the ultrasound technician when I was alone in the room with her, I complied, and we were both shocked to hear "it's a boy" when the time finally came.

I won't lie...the anticipation of not knowing is pretty cool, but it made designing the nursery more of a challenge. We wanted something gender neutral, budget friendly, and nothing too 'baby-ish'! Also, larger elements, like paint colour, carpet and furniture had to go the distance and last well past the infant years.

I was first inspired by a wall decal I'd seen in a high-end kids boutique downtown. It was a small tree with a mix of patterned papers making up the leaves. It was very unique, but couldn't have been more than a couple feet high and way more money than I wanted to spend. I wanted a big feature wall in the nursery, so I thought of creating something similar myself but on a larger scale. 

This was one of the simplest projects I've ever done, and it has huge impact. I found a wallpaper at Home Depot that had good texture and could easily mimic the bark of a tree. I cut out a large piece that runs from floor to ceiling to act as the main trunk, then smaller pieces as large branches. Following the instructions for wallpapering, I put the body of the tree up in no time (I was also 8 months pregnant, so it definitely wasn't that hard). The leaves were made using scraps of wrapping paper that I found in colours I liked. I just cut what looked to be a leaf, and stuck it on the wall using white school glue. So simple.

It was a fun project, and now that it's finished, the wheels are turning in my head for what we'll do for a nursery if and when the next baby comes along!

Here are a few more snaps of the nursery.

Here We Go....

This is an exciting moment for me as I write my first post. I've been thinking about doing this for a while, so I'm happy that I've finally bit the bullet and jumped into the world of blogging! Any excuse to talk about design, fashion, food, being a mom, crafts, photography, art, and interiors is welcome in my world, so this should be fun.

Two years ago I decided to start a new career in Interior Design after spending most of my life soaking up anything and everything related to the field. I have one more year to go in school before the title becomes official. Phew! In those two years, I've gotten married to the most awesome guy out there, bought a house which gives me endless inspiration and projects, and most recently, had a baby boy.

My men....love!
I'm excited to use this as a place to record my thoughts on design and hope that you enjoy what you read!

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