Amazing travel videos

I don't know which of these videos I like more, Eat, Learn or Move. They're all amazing! If this doesn't make you want to travel the world, nothing will! You can read a bit more about the story behind them here.

Moss Graffiti

I saw this on Design Mom this morning and had to post it. How beautiful is this moss graffiti? I want to cover every surface after seeing it! What to write...hmmm. With cooler temps headed our way I guess I have until spring to figure it out! Isn't it incredible? It's so lush.

Ahh....I'm always amazed by what people come up with!

You can find instructions here.

Chapters Indigo launches new home decor line

Up until now, Chapters Indigo has been the place to go for books and magazines. They've recently launched a home accessories line though, which I bet will have people shopping for less literary items as well. From what I've seen so far, it's great stuff. You can see the whole line here. Below is a snippet of their offerings.

To me this says that fall is favourite time of year.

I love the natural linen matting they've used in their frames.

I find this such a sharp, masculine clock.
I love the way this picture frame just seems to float.

I want this clock for my drafting table.

This lamp base is actually clear with just a hint of colour, but the image makes it look silver. Totally worth checking out in person though. It's really lovely. 

Another great utilitarian lamp. I love the red.

Can DIY-ing be good for you?


There is something so sweetly satisfying about creating something yourself. Whether it be a craft, a meal or a garden, being hands-on in your own life is very rewarding.

Mark Frauenfelder, author of Made By Hand: Searching for Meaning In A Throwaway World agrees. Click here to see how he found that being more responsible for his everyday consumption made him happier and more appreciative of his life.


Truly unique design

Here are a couple of design pieces that I thought were fun and quirky. A bit off the wall, but wouldn't they be awesome!!!

Forget modesty with this tub. Image: Google

A New York Times inspired bookshelf. Image: FFFFound
A house in a box! Images above and below: The Cool Hunter

DIY Chandelier

I love DIY projects for my house. I probably have 10 on the go at the moment (turnaround time leaves something to be desired for me, I'm afraid). I keep finding more that I want to try, too. This chandelier is definitely one of them. I feel like this is something you would find at an expensive design store. What do you think?

Find the how-to instructions here.

Stairs Con't


 A little while ago I posted images of stair designs that I found beautiful (yes...stairs can be beautiful). I thought I'd seen the best of them. I was wrong! Check these out.

Design for Kids

I love how much focus there is these days on creative design for kids. Design-conscious parents are stepping up the style for their little ones and giving them rooms that anyone would be envious of. Here are a few that I've pulled from around the internet that I think are fantastic.

Elle Decor: 1, 7, 15, 16, 18, 19
Martha Stewart Living: 2, 5, 9
Canadian House and Home: 6, 8, 17 10 - 13
Ebers Architekten: 4 3,, 14

J. Crew Comes to Canada

Oh Canada,  we stand on guard for J. Crew! The day has finally come where we can enjoy the styles and fashions that we have admired so longingly from afar from the comfort of our very own malls (or mall as it's still only in one mall in Toronto, and only a ladies store at that).

Yesterday I visited the new J. Crew store in T.O. and had lots of fun searching through all the fall fashions. I left empty handed (next time I'll plan my visit without the baby to allow for a more leisurely shopping experience), but there was lots I admired. Particularly the fall leather bags. So nice! Here are a few things I particularly loved.

The fall bags are sooo nice.
 The didn't fear away from bold colour. Royal blue coats, fuchsia pants, orange sweaters, oh my!

Cashmere and slouchy! AHHmazing!

There aren't enough pink pants out there I'd say.

More cashmere.

Colourful Home Design

There's something about seeing a colourful room that makes me happy and makes me want to re-decorate my house. I love colour - I crave it in fact. As much as I love the idea of an all neutral room, it's really not for me. Right now, I'm dying to add fuchsia elements in my house, although it remains to be seen whether my hubby will share my vision!

Here's a collection of images I've had in my files for ages. Most are from House Beautiful, Canadian House & Home and Domino. My apologies for not having more proper sources. These images make me happy every time I see them.

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