Chapters Indigo launches new home decor line

Up until now, Chapters Indigo has been the place to go for books and magazines. They've recently launched a home accessories line though, which I bet will have people shopping for less literary items as well. From what I've seen so far, it's great stuff. You can see the whole line here. Below is a snippet of their offerings.

To me this says that fall is favourite time of year.

I love the natural linen matting they've used in their frames.

I find this such a sharp, masculine clock.
I love the way this picture frame just seems to float.

I want this clock for my drafting table.

This lamp base is actually clear with just a hint of colour, but the image makes it look silver. Totally worth checking out in person though. It's really lovely. 

Another great utilitarian lamp. I love the red.


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