Design for kids, by kids

Design studio Aruliden, in collaboration with Bernhardt Design, set forth to teach grade 8 students at the Columbia University School in New York the value of design in problem-solving by including them in the full concept-to-production process of designing classroom furniture. Called Tools at Schools, students were instructed to come up with a list of solutions for common furniture woes, draft their ideas for alternatives, and with the help of the studios, bring those ideas to life. Check out what they came up with below.

Given that I started my design education much later in life, I see this and really wish my middle school curriculum had involved this sort of work. Not only does it teach the value of design in every day life, but it teaches about working together and thinking outside the box. I love hearing stories about schools that allow kids to work on more practical, hands-on projects. Education through experience can be so tough to beat. Congrats to these kids.

The final results of their design. Vibrant and cool, but highly practical too.

I love the baskets on the back of the chairs to hold books.

I love that they thought to add the lip at the back of the desk to prop up their books.

Working through the design process.
They thought of all the details!
I think this is my favourite element. The locker doors have mail slots! So clever!


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