Bye-Bye Elephants

Toronto City Council approved this week a motion to send three elephants currently living at the Toronto Zoo to an elephant sanctuary in California and to phase out the elephant program in Toronto. This very controversial event was sparked by none other than Bob Barker, former The Price is Right host who said that Toronto was too cold to have elephants.

I haven't been following the debate too closely, but I'm all for giving the elephants the most comfortable conditions possible (I mean, they're already in captivity, so let it at least be warm). Yesterday, though, Cam took the day off work and we took the baby to the zoo. There was practically nobody there and the animals were out and having a great time, including the elephants.

I had to share a few of the snaps from the day. I didn't zoom in on any of these, by the way. We were THIS close to each of these animals. In some case, way too close!!!

This monkey walked right up to us and sat in front of Brigham and just checked him out. This is definitely the closest I've ever been to an animal at the zoo. She and I were each pushing our index fingers against the glass and 'touching' through it. So cool!

I think this was the last time we'll be seeing this guy. I'm so happy we got a good view.

Um.....I was hugging Brigham extra tight when we got to the lions. I'm pretty sure they could jump this far if they really wanted to!

This guy was pacing in front of the metal door in the pic. We thought it was feeding time and he was waiting for his grub, but turns out when this hatch opens, his lady friend can join him from another tiger area a little ways away. What a good looking fella!


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