Exposed Brick

A couple of the houses on our street have recently been bought by 'flippers' and I've been paying attention to all the work they've been doing to modernize and customize these homes. I'm having a bit of house-envy when I see some of the finishes they're using, but I'm trying to use it as inspiration for my own home.

One thing that I've seen which has really got the wheels turning in my head is exposed brick in the main living space. I am now dying to do it in our house. We live in a semi-detached, so the wall in question is the shared wall between ourselves and the neighbours and it would be seen from the living room, dining room and up our stairs. Everyone on the street who has done it says the brick is in good condition (all the houses were built at the same time around 1910) so that gives me hope. They say it's a messy job, but well worth it. There's a layer of plaster on top which would have to be pulled off, then they say you just use water and a wire brush to clean the brick. It sounds so easy!

What about you? Does anyone have experience exposing brick? Any tips or tricks?

To further inspire me, I searched for some snaps of exposed brick interiors. I'm so in love with the look. What are your thoughts?
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