The most amazing house

This house has me blown away. What I love is that it's not a 'fantasy house' accessible only by the most affluent or design-savvy, but more of an awesome 'everyday' house where a real family lives!

It's from Better Homes and Gardens and has me swooning with all the colour everywhere. How could you not be happy in this house?

As much as I love neutrals and modern interiors, I always seem to fall back on colour. If you look at my pins on Pinterest, it's pretty obvious which way my tastes fall.

Here's a question I want to put out there. On the mantle you can see a few glass globes. I have one that I found at an antique show once upon a time in dark green, and while I love it, I have no idea what it is. Does anyone know? Did they once serve a purpose other than just being pretty?

All images from BHG


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