Architectural Undulation

This is my third and final year of interior design school, and we have a giant project that we're working on all  year long. We had to take an existing building between 15,000 - 30,000 square feet and design a facility that would have a positive impact on the community. I decided to do a birth centre. It seemed fitting given my recent birth experience and my true admiration for the principles of midwifery. Ontario is pretty slow in adopting birth centres (we have none), but here's hoping the province comes around sooner rather than later.

As I keep plugging away at my design, I wanted to share a few snaps I found online that have been offering me a great deal of inspiration. I seem to have fallen for the idea of curves. Curved walls, floors, ceilings, whatever I can think of, for a different kind of flow through the building. Aren't these beautiful? They're so airy and bright. They guide your eye in a completely different way, which makes it so much more interesting than a 90 degree angle. 

All images from The Cool Hunter


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