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Brigham is 10 months old today (sob...they grow too fast!) which I truly can't believe, and as I was putting his laundry away earlier, I was looking around his room thinking it has all of a sudden become much too sweet for him. Don't get me wrong, my kid is super sweet, but he's such a boy now that it really doesn't suit him anymore. It's too precious! He's a total bruiser! And I'm thinking that his room doesn't reflect that much!

I should mention that I really, really love his room. Every inch of it was planned and executed with so much love and anticipation for our baby boy or girl (we didn't know) and I still feel the same affection for it whenever I walk into it. It's just that now that I've met him, I feel like I can better tailor it to his personality! If you'd like to see pictures of it, you can here

It's probably way too soon to be planning his next room - I'm pretty sure I was positive that we were making all the right moves for long-term room potential when we planned his nursery in the first place - but typically I'm bored if I don't have a zillion little projects on the go, so I've started thinking about it.

We're hoping that one day soon we'll also be planning for another nursery, so my grand plan is to move Brigs into our third bedroom - currently used as a garbage dump for sad, never used household products, and keep the nursery as, well, a nursery!

Inspiration for big boy bedrooms is everywhere! Here's what I'm loving so far:

Is that not the coolest closet door ever! I'm so doing this for his closet and bedroom doors. Check here for more images of this bedroom
I really love the yellow lockers
I really like the stripe on the walls and the simplicity of the furniture. See more here.
Love, love, love these prints. Image from Babble
This is such a cozy space in my mind. And so boy-ish! From Babble.
I think the horse wallpaper, found here, would be such a great accent wall, and I love the cheery yellow rug too.
I know I've posted about this Paperboy Wallpaper before, but I sort of can't get enough of it.
I love the idea of a room full of stars. Image from A Cup of Jo
To be continued....


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