Confessions of a bad-ish mother


We're trying really hard not to be totally overbearing, helicopter parents, but this morning, our attempts at relaxing parenting techniques hit a low point, and, at the risk of serious judgement for even admitting this on an online forum, I can't help but share.

Brigham has been so determined to get to the cat food bowls since he learned to crawl a few months ago. Every morning he makes the same repeated attempts to sneak his way to their bowls while we're getting his breakfast ready or trying to get ourselves organized. Too bad for him that he doesn't understand that we can hear his hands 'clapping' along the hardwood floor as he makes his dash for the food.

It's not a huge deal to scoop him up right before he hits his target, but their bowls are not too far from the top of the stairs leading to our basement, and we really don't want him hanging around that part of our house. On top of that, we don't really want him eating their food!!!

But...our thinking this morning was that if we let him try a tiny bit of their tuna, he'd be really disgusted and never do it again. WRONG. He took a huge handful and stuffed it in his mouth. The giant smile on his face while he chewed it was either because a) he loved it or b) he thought the gagging, choking, totally disgusted noises that we were making were funny.

I feel like the worst mother ever.What's more, their food is the stinkiest, yuckiest smelling fish you've ever smelled, and I feel now like every time I go near him, it's all I can smell.

Does anyone else have any mother confessions they can share so that I don't feel like the worst person ever! Please! Thanks!

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. this is the best story ever! i wish i could have been there to see it. i'm sure i have plenty of things i should confess, but to make you feel better, francesco has also dabbled in some feline fare. when we were visiting friends with a cat, our boy was also obsessed with their food. this one was dry and despite numerous efforts to stop him for eating it, sure enough he toddles over chomping along on his new "cra-kah!" he would have eaten the whole bowl had i let him. (and i considered it because he hadn't eaten that well that day so i thought "meh. this stuff is probably full of protein!" that's the serious confession part :)

  2. Too funny Dani! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one! Brigs doesn't go for the crunchy food like Frankie (you're probably ight that it's full of protein). He prefers the gross wet fish product. So yucky! Lesson learned!


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