Wednesday morning pick-me-up

It's a cold and grey morning in Toronto today and I needed a bit of a pick-me-up. My school schedule this semester has me in class all day Tuesday and Wednesday, and I have to start the day at 5:30, which, in the winter, is the worst! To make it easier, my mom, who watches the baby while I'm at school, keeps Brigs on Tuesday nights for a sleepover which I know he loves, but I miss him like crazy. It gives him the chance to hang with Daisy, their dog, who is his favourite creature ever, and his first real word (I thought he was too young to say anything other than "mama" and "dada", but sure enough, the other day he pointed to her and said her name - crazy!).

Anyway, I'm sitting in class learning about building code regulations, staring at a grey sky and missing my boy like mad. I need something cheery!

Here are a few things that have put a smile on my face this morning.

Wouldn't this be fun!

This underwater hiking trail is what happens when the snow melts in Austria. Amazing! Oddity Central.

What a fun kitchen! Re-Nest

A city with a sense of humour. My Revelment

Take me here!

This is a bit contagious! So adorable. See More
So sexy.

A dreamy view. House of Turquoise
A happiness motivator! 30 Rock Things

All the images missing a source were found on Pinterest.


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