Is it a fad? I hope not!

If chevrons are just a fad, I'll be devastated! I'm in love with them. It's a weird obsession that I'm trying to control, but every time I see them, my heart skips a beat!

Mostly, my love extends only to home decor items and less so to clothes, but that's not to say there hasn't been the odd chevron-inspired dress that has got me excited.

Here are a things that have wow-ed me recently.
This is pretty much my dream bedroom scheme AND it includes chevrons! It's almost too much of a good thing for me!

I love, love, love the yellow. From Etsy

Possibly a fun DIY with tissue paper? From Pinterest
Who wouldn't be happy to get a note on this stationary?
This blogger loves chevrons too! Isn't this cake fantastic?


  1. Like you, I love prints as home decoration. Don't ever be afraid to experiment with a little color. You can find so many prints in our house in apartments for rent in leesburg va.

  2. Thanks Caren, I'll have to check out your link! I really appreciate your feedback.


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