Easy Easter decoration you can make for free

I've said this before, but with the exception of Christmas, I never really felt the need to decorate my house for any holiday until Brigham was born. Now, I kind of feel obligated in a way. I guess I feel like he should be exposed to the visual side of these celebrations, especially now when he's too young to understand what they're all about.

Now that Easter is around the corner, I found this cool egg garland idea here from Modern Parents Messy Kids, requiring nothing more than some paint chips - something I have a ton of left over from school, but which you can pick up FOR FREE at Home Depot or your hardware store of choice.

This was so simple and I did most of the hard work last night in front of the T.V. I cut out eggs (not perfectly, as you can tell, but that's what you get when you do it freehand) making sure that half the egg was on one colour, and the other half on another shade along the same paint chip.

I ran a needle and thread through the top of each egg, making sure they were all strung along the same long piece of string, and that's pretty much it! When you're doing that step, make sure not to let your string get tangled. I did, and had to start over again. It was like trying to un-knot a thin necklace.

The whole project took maybe 45 minutes, and it's so colourful. I love it!

 Do you guys have any Easter DIY projects you're planning for this year? I'd love to see them if you do.

Happy crafting!


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