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Have you guys seen this article from the New York Times Magazine about elite nannies? I was blown away by what I read. It seems that in some small social circles in New York City, it's not unheard of to pay your nanny somewhere in the $180,000 range (plus provide her with a Central Park West apartment of her own). Can you believe that!

Read the full article here. It's amazing what it says about the different skills that a nanny can have that make her more marketable. I'm all for paying whoever is looking after your kids well, but man oh man, that's some serious cash!

In Toronto, childcare is crazy expensive (not by New York standards, apparently, but still). Luckily we've been able to avoid the cost with the help of my mom and a pretty flexible school schedule for me, so I can't complain. But if we did need full time help, I don't know which way I would go as between daycare and nannies. What do you think? Do you think one is preferable to the other? I'm sure the social exposure would be great in a daycare setting, but the convenience of someone coming to you would be hard to beat. I'm curious to know your thoughts!


Image above from the New York Times Magazine


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