Kids parties and Brigham's first birthday


So Brigham is turning 1 tomorrow. Turns out, if you have a baby, you shouldn't blink because if you do, an entire year passes and you are left feeling completely dumbfounded at the speed of time.

Really, he'd be happy if we gave him a roll of toilet paper for his birthday (his 'toy' of choice for tearing apart and scattering around the house when we're not looking), but who are we really kidding? A first birthday party is totally for the parents, and these parents are not exception (by these parents, I mean me. Cam is going along with me because he's a great hubby, not because he thinks party decorations will provide any lasting memories of happiness for our son).

In scouring the Internet for party ideas, I have discovered that some parents take this stuff really seriously! Pony rides, hired performers and catered lunch will not be part of this celebration (sorry Brigs), but some of the DIY ideas I've found look cute and relatively easy enough. Here's a taste.What actually happens at his party on Sunday will be reported next week.

Who wouldn't love a candy table. And customized cupcake toppers. Image 
I love the pom poms, and have made these already. They're hanging in our dining room. Image from

A Twister mat as a tablecloth. Cute idea for bringing pops of colour to a party. Image
This is a cute alternative to pendant banners. Image
Kid-size banana splits. What a cute idea. Image
So I can promise I won't be doing this for Sunday, but I love the idea of making a favourite character and having guests pose for photos. Idea and instructions from Oh Happy Day


  1. I just adore those pendant banners! What a cute idea. That would be so easy to do (and effective) with washi tape.

  2. Great suggestion about using washi tape, Tan, and thanks for the comment. I wish I'd thought of that! I've been using the inexpensive Christmas ribbon from Ikea and Scotch tape, and it keeps curling on me and driving me totally crazy. Oh well...I'm almost finished, but next time I'm going that route for sure. It would make them so much nicer. They are fun and easy decorations. I'll be hesitant to take them down after the party. They make the house so much more festive! I might just move them to the basement play room rather than take them down completely.


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