Happy Easter

Here's what I know about me...when faced with a long list of school-related tasks, I often (always) seem to find something completely unnecessary and usually time consuming to fill up the few hours I have to complete said school task. This week was no different!

Today I presented a huge final design project that I've been working on for over a year. What did I do for most of the week to prepare for this presentation? Naturally, I made candy-filled eggs for Easter! In my world, procrastination is the mother of invention!

Sure, I could have used the time more wisely, but the way I see it, enjoying candy with your family is way, WAY more fun than any presentation could ever be, and worth the time!

I hope you have a fantastic long weekend and get to munch on chocolate for three days straight!

If you're interested, this is what I made. I found the tutorial here, and despite the colours not turning out how I wanted them to (I should have paid more attention to the tutorial), they're still cute and are filled with delicious things. And, I'd never thought to try cutting real eggs open with nail scissors before, so that was an interesting experiment!


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