K-Way makes a comeback

I don't know if this is a Canadian thing, but I heard yesterday that K-Way brand jackets are making a comeback for men, women and kids. Hearing this made me happy! I have very vivid memories of leaving for school on grey days with my K-Way in tow as a kid.

Classic styles (and some new ones too) in a ton of colours are available at The Bay and they're priced really well I think. 30 bucks or so.

If it is a Canadian thing, and international readers are wondering what I'm talking about, a K-Way is a fully water-resistant jacket that fold up into a small pouch when not in use that you can tie around your waist. I'm not suggesting the fanny-pack style is the way to go, but they're small enough to stick in your bag too.

Anyone else remember K-Way? I bet if I rooted around in my basement I'd find some old ones lying around. I feel like all kids wore them when I was young. It was packed in your backpack next to your lunch bag. Sort of standard gear!


  1. K-Way!!! Yesss! Mine was purple, I loved it :)


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