Uh oh! What have I done!

Last week I mentioned that for me,  procrastination is the mother of invention. Forget necessity. It's when I'm avoiding dreaded tasks that I find I get the most creative....or in yesterday's case, destructive!

I've been dying to expose the brick on one large wall in our house for ages. Yesterday, after staring at my computer screen for long enough trying to finish the last of my school assignments, I decided it was time! I grabbed a hammer and started smashing at a piece of the wall. Just a little corner....you know, to see the condition of the brick!

This was an hour later. I don't think there's any turning back now.

The cloth hanging is really a sheet which I hung around the door frame hoping to keep dust at bay....it kind of helped!
The area I started with is a little foyer right between the entrance and what is basically the living room. The wall I smashed up yesterday continues along the whole side of the house and up the stairs. I figured if the brick was in good shape, we'd keep going. If it was in terrible shape, it would be a whole lot easier to re-drywall this small area than the larger space.

It needs some cleaning and more attention, but it's in pretty good shape I think.

Are any of you like this? Impulsive? Maybe a little reckless? I mean seriously! I have three assignments due  by Friday and then I'm done school FOREVER. You'd think I could wait till the weekend. No way! If I get an idea in my head, that's it. It's trouble. Who's with me? Tell me I'm not alone!

If any of you have torn down a plaster wall, you'll know this. It is MESSY! My hair was completely white, and anything that wasn't covered up (and even those things too) was completely covered in white dust. No matter how many times I've dusted since, it keeps settling again in another white, powdery layer. Yuck!

But! I'm really excited and can't wait to tackle the rest of the wall. I thought it was a one-woman job. Who was I kidding! We've booked a weekend later in the month, and the two of us will get it done, hopefully while the baby sleeps happily in the basement???

Yikes! Wish us luck! I'll post pics when it's all finished.

Have any of you exposed the brick in your home? Did it go the way you planned? Any tips of tricks?


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