DIY magnetic letters for kids


Without sounding too cheesy, I'm going to call these 'Love Letter'. I decided this after about an hour of working on these little guys when I realized that in that same amount of time, I could have made a trip to the store and picked up a package of magnetic letters and saved myself some trouble. Instead, I spent the good part of an evening cutting and gluing so that Brigs can have a complete alphabet of nice, colourful, homemade letters. It's true love, people.

I am fully confident that with these letters at his disposal, my son will not only learn his letters, but he'll be way ahead of the curve when it comes to having an eye for colour and pattern. Ahem....I'm really confident about it! Right!!! Whatever....I get a kick out of doing stuff like this.

The idea came from what is quickly becoming my favourite blog for all things craft related (involving fabric, that is), Purl Bee. I highly recommend a visit to their site, and instructions for the letters are here.


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