Painting baskets, or, When DIY's go wrong


The other day I set out to spray paint a small basket I bought a while back thinking it could be a useful tool for corralling the zillions of remote controls we seem to have lying around the house.

I started out with a plan to spray paint the entire basket a mint green colour but my plan quickly went to muck - a fact I blame entirely on the wind! Here's what happened:

Being a "measure once, cut twice" kind of a gal, I didn't really give the process much forethought (or the weather) and instead forged ahead starting with the interior of the basket. Everything went well and I stepped away to let the inside and top of the basket dry.

A few hours later, I went back to it, flipped the basket over, and started spraying the sides. The wind blew all of it away, and rather than painting the basket, I painted the bottom portion of my lilac tree and my rose bush. Whoops! My feeling about spray paint is that you really can't get too close to what it is you're painting because if you do, it goes on too think and you'll end up with drip marks. Yuck! I was being such a baby about my lack of success! It was one of those quick projects that I thought would be no problem to get done during nap time, but none of the forces of nature were cooperating. Then, the baby woke up. Alas, no completed project.

This silver lining (more on that later) is that I decided that painting the whole basket the same colour would be totally boring. I thought of leaving it as is, with the inside green and the outside the natural basket colour, but that seemed pretty blah too. That's when the silver lining reappeared and I thought "silver lining". AHA! I grabbed a can of silver spray paint and on a less windy day, finished off the sides of the basket.

When DIY's go wrong, the results can be pretty great!

Do you guys have any disaster DIY stories that ended in success that you'd like to share? Sometimes it takes a bit more creativity to dig your way out of bad project, but in the end, I think it's possible to end up even happier, no?


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