Summer design ideas for balconies


Let's face it, many of us who live in the city don't have much in the way of a backyard. Even more of us don't have backyards at all, and instead rely on balconies for outdoor lounging and entertaining in the summer. At this time of year, it seems every design publication out there is boasting images of large gardens and patios filled with sofas and armchairs and tables for 8. But what about for condo and apartment dwellers?

Before I go on, I want to preface by saying that I'm not posting images of terraces. My definition of a balcony is a rectangular or small square area, no more than 10' wide by 20' long, with a railing design that nobody should have ever chosen in the first place but which is nevertheless characteristic of most high rise buildings (yuck). I say this because I feel that there are lots of design magazines and publications that feature balcony designs every summer, but they belong to the rich folk and boast more square footage than all three stories of my house combined (which isn't much, but still!). we go!

 I realize there are a few images that are obviously not balconies here, but I included them because a) they are covered spaces; b) they are small and; c) they have furniture and lighting features that are really well suited for balconies.



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    1. Haha! Not sure what rart means but I really appreciate the comment and thanks for reading!


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