Summertime air freshener

With a toddler constantly spilling milk on the furniture and two cats who leave messes everywhere, our house has enough funky odours to keep me constantly on the look out for air fresheners. The only problem is that the majority of commercial air freshener products are so full of chemicals that I won't bring them into the house if I can avoid it (just run a Google search of what the chemicals are and what they can do to your body, and you might agree).

In the winter I love having a pot of oranges, cloves and cinnamon simmering on the stove, but it's too cozy of a smell for summer, a time when fresh air is so nice. So, I decided to cut a bunch of the mint we have growing in the garden and I popped it into a water glass on the kitchen counter. The smell is amazing! You gotta try it. If you have mint growing in your garden, just pick a handfull and stick it in some water. If you don't have it growing already, you could put some in a small pot in the house and treat it like a houseplant. So little money, such a great whiff when you walk in the room. Seriously it makes the entire kitchen smell great.


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