Vintage sewing books


A year ago, almost to the day, my grandfather passed away. My grandmother had died a few years earlier, and he stayed in the apartment they shared until only a few days before he passed away. They were both big hobbyists - her of any kind of needle craft and him of pastel painting, music and writing. When it came time to clean out their apartment, I was fortunate enough to bring home a few of their things.

One of my faves is this set of vintage sewing books. They're 1970's era Time Life books, probably ordered from a T.V. infomercial on impulse, but I love the covers, and of course, the rainbow spines.

Check out some of the images from inside the book! I know fashions always come back, but I find it hard to believe that some of these beauties will ever make a return.

I don't think the odds are too high that I'll ever use them to help me sew, but they'll continue to sit happily amidst my other books and cheer me up with all the colour, and of course, the memories of my grandparents.

I love hearing about what other people collect for fun. Do you have any interesting collections that make you smile every time you see them? You can see some more unique ones here.


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