DIY Sharpie dishes

Have you guys seen some of the tutorials floating around the Internet for make-your-own china patterns? I couldn't help but notice a few of them, such as this cute one and this pretty one, and this detailed one, so I decided to give it a shot today.

It's a whopping 36 degrees Celsius here today before the humidity, which makes it about 2456 degrees Celsius total, so going outside was out of the question. After a trip to Ikea to grab a mug and enjoy their AC, I spend a couple minutes hand-writing a silly message for Cam on a mug he may (or may not) use at the office!


All you need to do is write or draw your design on a piece of china (or a set if you're feeling ambitious)  with any colour Sharpie marker, bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees, and voila! Custom pieces! Be warned however that this project doesn't stand up too well in the dishwasher, so be prepared for some hand-washing with these guys.

(I should mention that the message on the mug I made is in reference to the show Damages, which we've recently got hooked on thanks to Netflix. Cam's a lawyer, and once he heard the characters reference themselves as attorneys in New York's world of high-stakes litigation (duh, duh, duhhhhhhhh), he couldn't help himself. He's now not just a lawyer, but a high-stakes litigator. I think you kind of had to be there!!!)


  1. hahaha - love the "high-stakes litigator"... this is a great way to do custom dishes for a specific event too, especially using dollar store items! Good tip!

  2. I was thinking the same thing about dollar store dishes. It would be awesome to customize dishes to a specific event, like have a place card designed right into the plate or something. I scoped out the Sharpie section at Staples yesterday and they come in a bunch of colors.


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