Summer "cooking"


Isn't cooking in the summer the best. It can't get any easier and everything taste so good! Last night after a visit to the local farmer's market, this is what we had. Glorified crudites made better by bringing out the good china and whipping up a two-second dressing with herbs from the garden. Paired with some white wine and perfect evening weather, it was a great dinner.

What do you like to cook when it's hot outside? I think I could survive on watermelon for two months straight, myself! Do you have any summer go-to recipes that you can't get enough of? I've been making this quinoa salad a ton lately and it keeps getting rave reviews. I'd love to hear some new ones if you have some to share.


  1. This looks absolutely delicious. What a delightfully simple idea! Thanks for the inspiration (as always).

    1. I love dinners where you just pick at it. This was good for that. I can't wait to hear about the food you had on your trip!


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