Thrifty wall art: Framed wrapping paper

There are about a zillion DIY's out there for inexpensive wall art options. Everything from paint chips to crayons can be used to create really bold pieces to suit your home.  I have another one for you today, and I do believe that it's the easiest of all the options out there, short of buying a piece of art.

I've done a few staging jobs recently and this is my go-to suggestion for adding colour or interest to a wall. Frame wrapping paper. Simple. Easy. Very inexpensive.

I suggest buying a group of frames in the same colour - for a modern look, go white. Cut the paper to size, stick it in the frame and presto. With all the paper options out there - especially if you have a good paper shop in your town that sells it by the sheet - the options are endless. The hardest part is picking a paper.

While I've done this in my own home several times, I found these images on Pinterest and should give you an idea of what I'm talking about.Speaking of Pinterest, are you on there yet? If so, check out more of the DIY projects and home decor/design that I've pinned recently.

Images: Top/Middle/Bottom


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