a summery table for the last summery weekend

Can you believe it's Labour Day weekend already? What do you have planned? Does anyone else feel in a bit of a panic to tick off those 'summer must-do's' from 'the list'? I was really hoping to work on a few more creative projects this summer, but, as luck would have it, I've been busy working instead (have I mentioned that I've been busy trying to start up my own Interior Design business?). Those crafty projects will have to wait until things calm down a bit, but in the meantime, I wanted to share one project that I think could be the perfect, quick and inexpensive DIY for what might be the last of the summer outdoor entertaining weekends of 2012. That sounds so dramatic, doesn't it!

Isn't this table cute? It's a DIY using Washi tape to customize a table runner and candle holders. Have a look at Santa Barbara Chic for more info on the process and a few more images.

Most of all, I hope this long weekend is filled with picnics, Popsicles, beaches, bathing suits and fruity cocktails for you all. I'll see you back here on Tuesday (not technically fall, but it sure will feel like it to me when I see all the little kids with their giant backpacks make the slow trek back to school). Side note: This is the first Labour Day weekend where I won't be dreading going back to school in a long time. We counted last night that there have only been 8 Septembers in my life where I haven't been going back to school. Crazy, but it feels good!

Life lesson in protecting your wine from fruit flies

I think fruit flies are my least favourite part of summer. Maybe tied with wasps but definitely ahead of mosquitoes, and I HATE mosquitoes. I realize fruit flies are pretty inoffensive - they don't hurt or bite -  but I can't stand a swarm of insects around my food. They drive me crazy.

Recently I declared war on the fruit flies in my kitchen. I'm winning, although the fight drags on. Like any good army, they rely on numbers to succeed. I rely on paper towel and baby food cups. See below for an image of The Battle of Shiraz.

Admittedly, taking a sip is a bit of a pain, but at least I don't have to fish anything out of there between each one!

Weekend Review: First haircut

He went in a baby, and came out a boy. Sigh.

I love this last photo. It captures perfectly the look Brigs was giving the barber after the cut. He just sort of stared him down.

Busy busy

What do you guys think of this wall-size chalk board? I painted a section of our kitchen wall with chalkboard paint a few years ago, and I have to say it's pretty handy for making lists and leaving notes. The full wall is a big statement, but in this kitchen, it really works. My only thought is that you better have good penmanship if your writing is going to be the focal point of the room.

On the subject of lists, I've started with a new client and I'm finding I'm busy, busy these days. Posts will likely not be as regular for the next few weeks, but after that, I do hope to get back to my normal, daily schedule.

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Sara xo


Is summer really over?

Last week I listed all the furniture we had in our backyard on Craigslist. My reasons for doing this were simple: we need the space for Brigs to play and our giant patio set took up all the available space. I had no problem selling it. Turns out there are a lot of people in this city in the market for patio sets. It didn't take me long to figure out why.

After they sold, I went looking for a new set to replace it. This time much smaller and more compact. Three stores later I realized why I had no problem selling ours - there was nothing left. Seriously...nothing! As far as I was concerned, it was the beginning of August and there was still lots of summer left. WRONG. Summer is apparently totally over, folks. Time to bring out the sweaters and socks. Say farewell to patios and fruity cocktails. It's time to nest. Inside.

I shouldn't be surprised by any of this. I was at the grocery store the other day and the Halloween candy is out. At the craft store they had Christmas stuff on the shelves. Christmas! You know, the holiday in DECEMBER. Are we really supposed to be thinking about that already? My blood pressure is on the rise just mentioning this. 

In the end I was able to find four matching chairs at a chain store (although I had to buy them at 3 different locations) and a floor model of a table that will suit our needs. The next challenge was finding an umbrella. Again, I bought a floor model. Sigh. Our garden looks completely gross but we have plans to landscape it a bit in the spring...maybe some grass...maybe a built in bench. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy the summer days until the bitter end. I live in Canada, after all people. Winter is COLD. If you think I'm eager to rush into that, you're crazy.

Did you guys get the memo that summer is over? I guess I always attribute the end of summer with the start of school - the Tuesday after Labour Day here. But I've noticed from other bloggers that some of their kids start school in early to mid August. What's the deal where you live?

Enjoy the last of summer everyone. Before you know it, it'll really be over.

Image from Absolutely Beautiful Things

Loving the set of Moonrise Kingdom

I know we're far behind in our movie going. Every time we get set to see a movie, we check the listings and realize we have never heard of any of them, and decide to watch Damages at home instead. You'd think when we have a babysitter we'd take advantage. We have to work on that.

Anyway, last night we FINALLY went and saw a movie. Moonrise Kingdom. Have you guys seen it? Hilarious! Cam is seriously into Wes Anderson movies so it was right up his alley, and I - not as huge a fan but fan enough - really enjoyed it too. It has a great cast, a fun storyline, and an awesome set! Which of those do you think I was most concerned with? You got it....the set!

The boy-scout themed movie takes place in a seaside town in 1965. When camping, nautical design and 1965 come together, let me tells ya, it makes for some really fun set design! It has me thinking that set design might be one of the most fun sounding jobs out there....hmmm.....


Tell me, did you see the movie? Did you like it? What did you think of the set?

Pinterest Eye Candy

Hi everyone! Been on Pinterest lately? Here are a few of my faves from this week. As always, you can check out more here.

3. What a happy kids room
4. Make a tree stump table

New linen cushions to brighten up a space

Most of us are pretty familiar with Ikea products and often, they're pretty recognizable when you see them from home to home. But from time to time, Ikea comes up with a design that seems very un-Ikea. Take their new Ikea PS 2012 cushion cover. It's linen and the contrast between the natural linen background and the bold dots is pretty great, in my opinion. So, I bought 2 of them. I thought I was such a trendsetter but I'm starting to see them pop up in design magazines. Go get some before they're gone.

Here they are in my living room. In case you're thinking it, I know how badly I need to iron them. It's on the list.

Did I mention they're $8.99? Linen!!! $8.99!!!

Plates on the wall

Not too long ago I decided that some of my favourite china plates and platters that I'd been collecting or had been given weren't getting the attention they deserved by being locked up in a cabinet. I set out to do what many have done before and hung them on the wall. I have 7 hung there now, and after seeing some of the images below, realize that the 'layered' plate look is awesome and I should get more up there asap. As such, I will wait to share images of my own wall and instead share the walls of other.

Previously the domain of grandmothers, hanging plates can look super modern if it's done in a contemporary way - a swooping configuration, colour-blocked or in an unexpected spot like the bathroom. I think the best part is that it allows you to buy one plate in a pattern you absolutely love but maybe couldn't afford as the whole set and look at it as often as you like.


Images: one/two/three/four/five/six/seven/eight/nine/ten/eleven/twelve/thirteen/fourteen/fifteen/sixteen/seventeen

Home office spaces for you creative types

This one is for the creatives out there who have, or crave to have, a space in their home to work. Anyone who likes to get into a craft project now and again or works from home in a creative capacity knows that with creativity comes stuff! Scissors, fabrics, paints, brushes, books, bowls, pens, 10,000 markers all  shades of mustard...you get my drift. These spaces highlight a few cool ways of displaying all of it rather than trying to suggest ways to hide it. Doesn't that seem like an easier idea?


Images: one/two/three/four/five/six/seven/eight/nine/ten/eleven
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