Kelly green love

I recently saw this chair at Crate and Barrel and totally fell in love with the colour. If I had anywhere, and I mean anywhere, that I could fit an extra chair, I probably would have bought it. But another chair really is the last thing we need at the moment (sob) so I left my love in the store and decided that somehow, I would bring the gorgeous Kelly green high gloss metallic look into my home somehow.

As luck would have it, I was at a thrift shop a few weeks ago dropping some stuff off (ahem....chairs!) and I found a filing cabinet that we've needed for years but never bothered to buy. Also, it was the perfect candidate for a Kelly green makeover.

One can of spray paint and a sunny afternoon later, and I now have my very own piece of high-gloss metallic Kelly green furniture. Yippee! Side note: the cabinet is in the basement where the lighting is terrible for photos, so my apologies there.

Top two images from Crate and Barrel


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