Long weekend DIY roundup

Is there anything better than long weekends? Nope! I'm so happy we have one this weekend!  I don't know about you but I would love to dig in to a craft project with the extra day, but we're traveling so who knows if it'll happen. If not, I would love it if you guys could be crafty and artistic for me (and send pics). Here are a few projects that I think I would attempt if time allowed.  I especially love the barnacles, I just can't imagine they would last long with my crazy toddler!

Create a unique centerpiece with paper clay barnacles.

Create your own textile pattern with these rolling pin geometric stamps.
Whip up some personalized coasters and wow your guests this weekend!
Want zinc without the price tag? Make your own zinc inspired letters
I'm signing off early this week to get a head start on the long weekend. Have a good one and see you back here on Monday Tuesday!


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