white t-shirts and pillow cases for the holidays?

Does anyone else have grand intentions to make as many holiday gifts as possible this year? Every year, without fail, I set out to do just this, and every year, without fail, I don't. This is my year! In making this assertion I realize that I need to find homemade gift ideas that fit with the stay-at-home-mom/entrepreneur time frame. In other words, things that I can make in the one hour post-dinner lull that is my spare time. These iron on transfer ideas have been just the kick I needed to get me into holiday crafting mode. Check back on December 26th to see how it all went down!

What about you guys? Any easy gift-making ideas that you've tried in the past that have been well-received? I'd love to know about them and post about them. I know there are lots of us out there that would love to make more but either don't know where to start, or start too late in the season and get overwhelmed by all the other holiday planning.

As scary as it sounds, now is the time to start getting those gifts ready. Yikes!

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Blue kitchens

I've been thinking about doing something for a while now....

I'm giving very serious thought to painting my kitchen cabinets dark blue.

Probably just the lower cabinets, but because my kitchen walls are blue now, a whole bunch of things will need to change - new wall color, accessories, hardware, etc. The cabinets are melamine and we're not going to be replacing them any time soon (major bummer), so painting them will be uncharted territory for me. Have any of you ever done a similar job yourself? Any tips or tricks?

As for color, I love the idea of a really dark, mysterious blue. Old-world blue...A deep navy with sapphire undertones.... I really hope that finding the right color will be the hardest part! I love the idea of doing this with brass hardware, but we just replaced our faucet 6 months ago and I fear it's set the stage for brushed nickel (I know, I know...multiple metals can look great in the same room. I'll get there...).

What do you think? Do any of you know of a great colour that I might check out? I'm itching to do this, so I'm hoping to get started pretty soon (that's code for 'hopefully sometime before 2014!).

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Are we too obsessed with home decor?

 There's a very interesting article today in the Globe and Mail, Canada's national newspaper, talking about how women are now measuring their success and self worth not by body image, as has been the case for years, but by the design and decor of their homes. The article argues that we are obsessed with perfecting 'the body of our home' - something we will never accomplish so long as we keep having access to images online to compare our homes to. Improving our homes, it argues, gives us a feeling of control when our lives seem quite the opposite. It says that even designers are intimidated and fear having people because they don't think their homes are nice enough.

I confess that I totally fit into that category at times. There is an endless list of things I want to do in my home that I lose track of all the progress I've already made. It's as if I don't want anyone to see it until it's perfect, but in reality, that could be years, or more likely, never! I always thought it was because this is my job, but now I realize that there are other women out there feeling the same thing. I devour interiors magazines and am guilty of striving for that look of perfection, knowing full well that I'm about as likely to have that impeccably styled and well lit an interior as I am to having Jennifer Aniston's legs! As the article suggests, if we compare our homes to the ones in interiors magazines, we'll never be happy.

I encourage you to give it a read and I'd love to know your thoughts on the subject. Do you think we're obsessed? We sure do seem to spend a lot of time focusing, discussing, comparing and analyzing our homes. We can be guilty of picking them apart. When our home is really an extension of our self, then I guess it isn't any different than nitpicking our bodies when looking at images of models in magazines.

I'd love to get a discussion going about this. I find it so interesting. Send me your thought when you have a moment.





The other day I was out walking with Brigs and I passed by one of my favourite kids boutiques, Kol Kid. They had a sign in the door advertising silhouette portraits by an artist from the U.S. who was only in town to do them for one day. Lucky for me, it was that day and the artist had a gap in his appointment schedule at that very moment, so I excitedly plunked Brigham down for a portrait of his own (meant to be? I think so!).

I absolutely love silhouette prints of kids. Dumb me had no idea that they are cutouts, not paintings (I suppose they can be both, but in this case, he cut the portraits). To my complete awe, the artist did 4 of them in about three minutes, and the likeness is amazing! I got one done for our house and three extra copies for the grandparents for Christmas (if any of you grandparents are reading this, sorry for the spoiler!). I couldn't be happier! The best part is that I had it done before his first haircut so the portrait totally shows all his long curls that now live in a Ziplock bag in my dresser (Creepy? Maybe!). The images above are of Brigs while the four below are a few others I found online that I thought were cute.

Images:Top two are mine - the others: one/two/three/four

Bad blogger

Is anyone still here? I can't believe how bad I've been at keeping up with posts lately so if nobody is checking in, I totally understand why! I'm hoping to turn things around this week, but the last few weeks have been tough personally, so I say this with some trepidation! Fingers crossed.

What did you get up to this weekend? These snaps are actually from last weekend when we spend some time in the country at - amongst other things - a zucchini festival. The middle image above is a decked out zucchini boat that was raced down the river to the delight of many a' cheering fan - mostly under 10 years old.

This weekend was supposed to be spent at my dad's place in Picton, ON, but one of our cats got really sick all of a sudden so we stayed here and hung out at the vet. He's in surgery as we speak, so hopefully all turns out well. I'm trying very hard to be a 'glass half full' girl, but when it comes to pets, emotions are pretty strong. They really are part of the family.

Do you guys have pets? I'm sure you can relate to feeling totally helpless. Any coping mechanisms you can share? I'm all ears!
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