The other day I was out walking with Brigs and I passed by one of my favourite kids boutiques, Kol Kid. They had a sign in the door advertising silhouette portraits by an artist from the U.S. who was only in town to do them for one day. Lucky for me, it was that day and the artist had a gap in his appointment schedule at that very moment, so I excitedly plunked Brigham down for a portrait of his own (meant to be? I think so!).

I absolutely love silhouette prints of kids. Dumb me had no idea that they are cutouts, not paintings (I suppose they can be both, but in this case, he cut the portraits). To my complete awe, the artist did 4 of them in about three minutes, and the likeness is amazing! I got one done for our house and three extra copies for the grandparents for Christmas (if any of you grandparents are reading this, sorry for the spoiler!). I couldn't be happier! The best part is that I had it done before his first haircut so the portrait totally shows all his long curls that now live in a Ziplock bag in my dresser (Creepy? Maybe!). The images above are of Brigs while the four below are a few others I found online that I thought were cute.

Images:Top two are mine - the others: one/two/three/four


  1. Loving that Hermes blanket!!

  2. I know! How much would you like to get your hands on one of those as fall arrives!


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