white t-shirts and pillow cases for the holidays?

Does anyone else have grand intentions to make as many holiday gifts as possible this year? Every year, without fail, I set out to do just this, and every year, without fail, I don't. This is my year! In making this assertion I realize that I need to find homemade gift ideas that fit with the stay-at-home-mom/entrepreneur time frame. In other words, things that I can make in the one hour post-dinner lull that is my spare time. These iron on transfer ideas have been just the kick I needed to get me into holiday crafting mode. Check back on December 26th to see how it all went down!

What about you guys? Any easy gift-making ideas that you've tried in the past that have been well-received? I'd love to know about them and post about them. I know there are lots of us out there that would love to make more but either don't know where to start, or start too late in the season and get overwhelmed by all the other holiday planning.

As scary as it sounds, now is the time to start getting those gifts ready. Yikes!

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