Favourite rooms of all time: Barrien Benson dining room

I'm going to try out a bit of a series here for the next little while focusing on some of my favourite rooms of all time. These are rooms that I saw an image of once upon a time, and I thought them to be so incredible that I've never forgotten them. They are permanently etched in my brain and I use them as inspiration all the time - whether I know it or not.
To kick it off, I chose a dining room that was featured in Domino Best Rooms (available on newstands now for a limited time and, like all Domino magazine issues, is Awesome with a capital A!) This room was done by a great designer in Charlotte named Barrie Benson (stay tuned for a post on her work) and I absolutely LOVE everything about it, particularly the Schumacher Chiang-Mai pattern on the chairs (which I have on order for my living room - yay!), the gorgeous banquet that I imagine would have guests lingering for hours, and, of course, the round table. I love round dining tables - they're great for conversation, you can always squeeze a few more people than you thought possible and they're totally classic. Don't you think her choice of colour is amazing? It's bold but still has a hint of tradition to it. True dining room love! 


  1. OMG I love this! It's like having your own classy booth in your dining room! Now if I could have that PLUS a personal chef I'd be in heaven :)

    1. Haha! A personal chef would be awesome. Sign me up!


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