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Where do you guys get your art? I think my collection of prints started in university when the travelling poster sale passed through campus (it's a real thing, I swear). Nowadays, it seems most of what is hanging on our walls are photographs taken by friends and family (we know some awesome photographers, that's for sure), a few painted pieces by equally talented people, and a bunch of prints that I bought online.

Have you ever bought art online? There are certainly some incredible resources out there. Might I suggest a few?

 This site has everything. EVERYTHING. Pop by their site and spend hours browsing. The site has recently been re-designed so it's easier than never to find what you want. You can filter by a bunch of different categories making it simple and straightforward to find what you're looking for. Plus, you can choose your print then pick from a bunch of different framing options so that what arrives on your doorstep is not a poster tube, but a fully framed or canvas-wrapped, ready to be hung piece of art.

 20x200. This site is awesome for original photography and art pieces. Not only can you find limited editions of some beautiful pieces, but the price is incredible (think $20 for an 8x10). Amazing! You can also opt for framing from these guys.

Finally, Etsy. Who doesn't love, love, love Etsy? Seriously, it's awesome. I get lost in there for hours. Pure bliss. I've bought a few original prints from here and have been so happy with them. Check. It. Out.

Art sources:
Top - Wassily Kandinsky "Improvisation No. 31, Sea Battle"
Middle - Sharon Montrose "Flamingo No. 4"
Bottom - Black Boroque "Upcycled Dictionary Page Mod Blue Octopus"


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