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Three years ago today, I married the most incredible guy. He's the best kind - sweet, funny, smart - and he's consistently like this despite the fact that I know living with me can be challenging at times.

To say I'm 'territorial' with my home wouldn't be inaccurate. I think it's an occupational hazard, but given my choice of interior design as a profession, it seems obvious (to me) that I would expect to make the design decisions for our home - with input from him on an as-needed basis of course! These three years have gone swimmingly in this department and I was a happy girl, until....

This arrived on the weekend after Cam won it in a golf tournament with his friends.
You guys! Seriously! What do I do with this? Obviously I'm really happy for him that he won it. His friends are super competitive and the fact that he won after not having played much golf since Brigs was born is a big deal. I get that. But the thing is over three feet tall. With a faux blue marble base and the finish on an electric blue bowling ball. IT'S ON OUR MANTLE! He insists it will stay there but if I really have an issue with it, we can move it to our bedroom. Ha!

What would you do? Anyone been in this situation before where compromising seems impossible! Do you think he'll notice in a week when it's not there and I've moved it to the basement? (Ignore that if you're reading this, Cam!).


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