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It's Friday already! I can't believe it! This week flew by and all my good intentions to post regularly were overshadowed by the week's events, namely, Halloween.

I know there are lots of kids out there who had to postpone their Halloween celebrations because of the hurricane. Here, we got hit with strong winds and some rain and lots of power outages, but NOTHING compared to the devastation in the U.S. We're thinking of all of you that were affected and hope for the quick restoration of your communities.

Despite the rain and dismal weather, the kids in our neighbourhood were out in full force. Brigs got to enjoy Halloween for the first time, really. He was just 7 months last year, so didn't pay much attention to it, but this year, going door to door and being given treats was pretty incredible for him.

We dressed him up as a garden gnome. As encouragement we threw together a last minute costume for Cam because Brigs was not having it being the only one in costume. They looked so cute walking down the street together! Gush!

Isn't this photo funny? It looks like Cam's head is on fire. I haven't quite figure out 'night mode' on my camera!
 Every time someone gave him a treat in his little pumpkin bucket, he would try to sit on their steps and eat it. Needless to say, we made it to about 5 houses in an hour and then called it quits! It was so fun though. I'm so much more in the spirit of these events now that he's in my life. Don't even get me started on Christmas! I CAN'T WAIT!


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