January birthdays

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and did lots of resting and feasting with family and friends.

Now that January is in full swing and everyone has had a chance to make and, if you're like me, break your New Year's resolutions, it's time at our house when we start talking about the next family celebration. My birthday! Yippee!

Are any of you January babies? I am. Born on the 15th. If you are too, then perhaps you'll agree that, short of being born between December 21 - 31, it's probably the worst time of the year to make your grand entrance into the world. I know lots of guys who dream of having boys in January so that their sons are the biggest on their hockey teams (we're Canadian...this is what our boys think about), but otherwise, it's just a bad time of year. Here's why:

People are officially tired of planning anything, leaving their house, preparing for and cleaning up after big meals, shopping for gifts and spending money. Also, people have resolved to not drink, eat only healthy food, get more sleep and replace nights out with mornings in Yoga. All the qualifiers of a good party are pretty much destroyed come January 1st. February babies seem immune to this problem because as we all know, the resolutions that lead people to behave as I've listed above never last past the first month of the year - thank goodness for the sake of people born in any other month.

As a way of adding cheer to this gloomy situation, I have decided that the perfect antidote is to add colour to my living room. I will do so by asking for the following colourful book series from Indigo from my loved ones (those that are willing to shop at this time of year). Indigo is a Canadian book seller and this amazingly colourful series is exclusive to them, but I hear they ship worldwide for all you non-Canucks. Gorgeous, no? There are 30 in total and I've narrowed my list down to 10. Please don't judge me for the fact that I am basing my choices on colour alone. Yes, I am fully judging the book by the cover!

Aren't they gorgeous? Do you have a spot in your home where these would add a lovely burst of colour? I imagine we could all use a little jolt at this time of year, even if your birthday isn't quickly approaching!


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