Ikea Hektar Pendant done right

Last week was the Interior Design Show here in Toronto and while there were lots of exhibitors that impressed me, one that really got my attention was none other than Ikea! To be honest, they do a fantastic job each year and every time, if you pay close attention to the conversations of other people there, everyone acknowledges that it doesn't look anything like Ikea typically does. This year was no exception.

Below is a snap taken from the Ikea website of one of the rooms they designed for the show. It's a beautiful modern kitchen, but check out the lights. Gorgeous!!! Below that is a far less stylized snap taken on my phone with a slightly closer view.

If you look closely, you'll see it's the Hektar pendant - a simple charcoal grey piece priced at a whopping $24.99. Alone, it's a cool fixture, but clustered like this makes such a statement. Can you imagine hanging a bunch of these over your dining room table? Bah! Beautiful!


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