Vintage inspired bedroom for a little boy


It's been a while since my son moved into his new room. Aside from the fact that it's not very well insulated so freezing in the cooler months and sweltering in the summer, it's a great space for him. It even has a little sunroom off the back where we've put in shelving to house all his toys. I love that there's a door separating me from tiny Lego pieces and Hot Wheels!

We tried to make this room as kid friendly as possible while using elements that will last into his later childhood years. I'm not completely sure why I bothered with that though, as there's no doubt I'll be switching it up sooner rather than later when I get bored with it. I have a problem. But that's another story altogether.

Have a look around.


Pretty much everything in his space is either DIY or re-purposed. The bed frame belonged to his grandfather when he was a kid. Bonus that it's really low to the ground so we could get away with no bed rail. The art over his bed is a piece of fabric stapled over a large 36" x 24" canvas. The bunting was made with scrapbook paper and the polka dot valance is a cheater blind that hides a blackout shade underneath. The Pendleton blanket was an Etsy find and I love the colours so much! Obviously I don't iron his duvet cover!

The vintage French poster was in my very first apartment. It hangs over a Goodwill dresser that I repainted in a dark army green paint.

I painted a blue frame around a white corkboard to display the vintage pendant banners that I picked up when we were at the cottage a few years ago. The barn light fixture is from Restoration Hardware and I adore it. I realize it needs a different bulb's on 'the list'. 

These are office supply wire wall baskets from HomeSense but when I saw them I thought they'd be great for displaying his books.

This LP was a lucky find from Ebay. He was one excited boy to see his name and a cowboy on the same cover! The train drawing was from his older cousin.

A little history graces the room with his grandfather's baby brush, a photo of the same grandfather as a baby, and a snap of he and his great-grandfather - one of the few taken before his death when Briggs was 3 months old.

I talked about these apple crates here. I still love them so much and keep wondering where else in the house I can stick more of them.

I am so happy with how the room turned out and all the projects that we did ourselves which make it feel so much more personal.


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