Vintage Portraits


I was recently given a portrait of my Dad that was painted in the late '50's. I love the way portraits were done back then. When everything is digital now I like thinking that there was a time when people just sat still and waited for an image to unfold. There were a few paintings done of my grandmother throughout her life and I always thought they were so elegant and regal.

I love the way people are using portraits in their homes now. Mixing them in with modern elements I think they help a room look so personal and unique. And the nod to history adds another layer to a space. I dream of having a portrait done of my kids one day, but I doubt I'd be able to find an artist who could make them sit still long enough. No doubt it would be done from a photo. I guess we have to change with the times a little bit!

Here are a few lovely spaces that incorporate portraits into the design. What do you think? Is it for you or a bit too old-fashioned for your taste?

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