A quick, easy and budget-friendly bedroom makeover for a little girl

A few weeks ago a friend of mine and photographer-extraordinaire Emily asked me to help her revamp her daughter Georgia's room. She takes beautiful photos of kids, and she had one in particular of her little girl that she had blown up onto a 3' x 4' canvas that we thought would make a great statement in the room.

 The execution of this project was done quickly - like in 3 hours quickly - and the transformation was so great. And little Georgia was pleased too! Best part, all the furnishings and accessories for the whole room was less than $200 (excluding the photo).

I think there is a feeling of intimidation when it comes to hiring a designer. Sure, it's more of a luxury purchase, but it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. The more thought that a homeowner can give to the look they're after before meeting with a designer, the better. This is particularly true for kids' rooms because you don't need high-end furniture and accessories to make them happy. A child's room makeover is a great opportunity to play with inexpensive fabrics in bright bold patterns, and experiment with DIYs. Trust me, children are so happy to have all the attention on their own personal space that they aren't going to scrutinize every detail.

I asked Emily to 'shop her house' before I came over for things like art that was tucked away, empty frames, lamps, cushions and fabrics. I did some shopping in advance at three of my favourite go-to's for budget furniture and accessories: Ikea (of course), Target and Homesense. Together, Emily and I were able to pull a good amount of stuff together.  Have a look at the photos to see the transformation.

Here are a few shots of the room before we started and of us gathering our materials.

Building a gallery wall shouldn't seem intimidating. Just lay out the frames before hand on a bed or the floor to make sure you have the right balance and overall size. 

Doesn't the large print of Georgia make the most amazing statement! She loves looking at it and the colours set the tone for the whole room. If you want more great family photo inspiration, definitely check out Emily's site. She has lots of great ideas.

Tinker Bell stays.

What do you think? Do you have a space in your house that could use a quick, inexpensive makeover?  I'd love to hear about it.


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