Best exterior paint colour and Benjamin Moore Room Visualizer

Somewhere along the line in the 120 year history of our house, someone thought it was a good idea to paint the exterior brick a terracotta/orange colour. I tell myself that they were trying to match the original brick and that's why they picked it, because I can't figure out why they would have chosen such a colour for the exterior of the house. Why paint the brick in the first place? Let this be a lesson to all readers - think long and hard before you decide to paint over your brick. Once you do, it's tough to go back. Focus on trim work instead.

The previous owners painted out the trim, and I think they did a nice job choosing a colour to coordinate with the brick. They opted of a shade of ochre and it worked, but it wasn't my fave. 

After many discussions about when we would get around to painting (should have done it before the babies started coming...oops!), we decided to go for it this year. 

I relied on the Benjamin Moore Room Visualizer to choose colours for the brick, trim and door. Have you used it? It's pretty great. It allows you to customize different paint colours for different walls or surfaces. In my case, I was able to play with a different colour for the brick, trim, porch and door.

We still have more touch ups to do so I'll wait to show you the finished product, but here are a few of the versions I played with. I'm curious, what's your favourite? Any guesses as to what we went with? 


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