Simplifying at home and the appeal of the tiny house

Have you guys heard of Tiny Houses and the Tiny House Movement? We recently watched this documentary, and I can't stop thinking of the freedom that living in a small space would bring. I would find the idea of living in 100 to 400 square feet TOTAL quite terrifying, but every evening I stress out about all the tidying of 'stuff' I have to do. Sometimes I think most of my time is spent cleaning or tidying my house and I can think of a million things I would rather be doing. The idea of simplified living would mean not being a slave to 'stuff'.

People seem interested in this movement for three reasons: environmental, financial, and time management. For me, learning about how these people live has inspired me to do a thorough purge of our belongings. If they aren't useful, functional or beautiful, they're gone to charity or recycling. I may not be ready for a Tiny House, but the idea of simplified living has me swooning. What do you think about these homes? Could you ever downsize your life to fit into one?

This house has incredible views and at 300 square feet is on the larger size for a tiny house.

This 196 square foot house is home to three people and a Great Dane!

This home  in California houses 2 people and a dog. It cost $30,000 to design and build.

This lovely home in Washington State provides 400 square feet of living space. Palatial in the tiny house movement!

This private house in Northern California has no electricity or hot water. It is completely self-sufficient.

What do you think about these homes? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 


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