Bold wallpaper from Ellie Cashman Designs

I have been so fortunate this fall having been able to work with some fantastic clients and designing some pretty great spaces (if I do say so myself), but sadly blogging has had to take a back seat. I can't wait to share pics of what I've been working on when they're finished.

I have one client that wanted help with her main floor - living room, dining room, and family room/great room areas. She lives with her husband and three young daughters in a lovely newer home in mid-town Toronto. The house has an open-concept living room and dining room immediately upon entry to the house, and in the back there is a large, gorgeous kitchen, a family room and eating area.

I think many families are moving further and further away from the traditional living room/dining rooms of the past and instead are choosing open spaces that allow all the living to happen in one area. I like the casualness to this mentality, and admit that it's how I live in my own home, but for those clients that do have the formal areas in their homes it's a great place to have some fun and do something a little 'out-of-the-box'. These rooms don't get used as much so when there are young kids in the house, it's a good spot to put your more precious furniture and accessories.

This particular client of mine was all for going bold in her living room and dining room and I was so excited when she wanted to go ahead with a gorgeous (but not subtle) wallpaper from Ellie Cashman. Have you heard of her? She's an American living in the Netherlands and she designs spectacular wallpapers and cushions. The image below is the print we used in the dining room on a small wall that you see immediately upon entering the house. Gorgeous! Even the paper installer was smitten!

If you're interested in making a bold statement somewhere in your house, I highly recommend her designs. It's printed to order so installation is incredibly simple and you get exactly the amount you need without having to worry about pattern repeats, etc. All the work is done for you. I was so impressed by how quickly we received it and how easy it was to install. But mostly I'm just so in love with how it looks and the impact it has.

I will post pictures of the house as soon as I get organized and have them taken, but in the meantime I wanted to share this! Here are a few of the other patterns. Tell me, would you go this bold in your house? What room would you put it in?


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