Finding art in unexpected places

Over the holidays we went to visit my Dad and stepmom in Prince Edward County - a beautiful part of the province on Lake Ontario which is becoming increasingly famous for its wineries and artistic community. I went out with him one afternoon to get maple syrup from one of the local farms and we stopped into a variety store in town. The owner of the store had found a bunch of paintings in her basement from the previous owners of the house, and she had them for sale in the shop. I saw this beauty hidden behind a box of chocolate bars.
I love all the colours that the artist used. The whole thing feels very Canadian to me. Maybe it's the snow! Ha!

Goes to show you that you never know when you're going to spot a gem. This painting makes me so happy every time I see it. I wish I knew where this was done. I've tried searching the artist but no luck so far.

Tell me, what's the strangest place you've ever found a special piece of art or trinket that you absolutely love?


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