Front door revamp

We finally bit the bullet and bought new windows and doors. This was something that we desperately needed to do. Our old windows were so drafty and 100% impossible to clean. We even had a wasp nest built in the gap between the storm window and the inside pane in our master bedroom. Nice! Also, our front door wouldn't stay closed in the winter and it wouldn't close at all in the summer when the humidity caused the wood to expand.

The front door arrived unfinished, meaning it was white and boring. I had mentioned in this post that we were planning to paint the exterior of the house last summer and I used the Benjamin Moore Room Visualizer to play with colours for the brick, trim and door. I will be posting pictures of the final product once we finish a second coat on the porch (yes, things take that long around here). In the meantime, here's a shot of our sunny front door.

Turns out painting your front door yellow isn't as straightforward as other colours. Apparently it's more prone to fading. We ended up having to use this paint rather than having something custom-mixed. But for $14 I'm not complaining. I love the colour and it's held up really well through the horrible, wet, snowy winter we've had.

I'm sure feelings are mixed in the neighbourhood. Some people might find it a bit bold, but I love it. I think it's cheerful and uplifting. What do you think? Could you handle such a bold colour? I have new house number and porch light that will be installed in the next few weeks so you can expect more photos soon.


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