Ikea Stokholm rug

I've been doing some redecorating at home lately and one of the bigger changes I wanted to make was our living room rug. I bought a wool rug when I rented my first apartment in my 20's on a whim. I'd never seen it in person, couldn't return it, and was spending more money than I could afford at the time, but I'd seen it in a magazine and decided I had to have it. Many years later, the rug is still kicking, but it's now living its golden years in the basement.

I really wanted our living room to be youthful and feel energetic and modern, but we have a lot of antiques that I was in no way prepared to part with, so there had to be some balance between the really old and the really new.

I've always love the Ikea Stockholm rug but never really considered it for our space, but after looking at it for a while in the store and online, I decided to give it a try.

It's a bold pattern for sure, but I love how it brings some life and energy to the room. And I think it looks fantastic with a mix of antiques and modern furniture.

Tell me, do you like a statement rug or are you more interested in keeping things simple underfoot and bringing life to a room in other ways? I'd love to know.



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