Colour-blocking books


I think it's safe to say that just about every home has at least a few books lying around. Some people are avid collectors and display them in the most clever and thoughtful ways while others prefer minimalist decor and books serve only as clutter once they've been read.

In our house, we're somewhere in the middle. We had a pretty good size book collection, but over the past few years with a view to organization and living with less, we've minimized the collection to just the books we've yet to read, we love so much we can't part with or those which serve as guides for different subjects (parenting, pregnancy, gardening, etc.). Design books and coffee table books are on display throughout our house.

We have a small corner in our basement where we had a bit of space to display the keepers and I played around with colour-blocking for fun. I always like seeing this way of display - the thoughtfulness of organization and focus on colour makes me happy.

The only problem with this method is that when it comes time to find something specific, you better have a pretty good memory of the cover. So what about you? How do you organize your books? Do you keep them somewhere unusual? I'd love to know.


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